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Coffee Care Kit

It gives your skin everything it needs, with the best natural extracts.

GOLDINE Body Scrub Gel

It is a body peeling with natural coffee granules, Ideal for releasing impurities from the skin. Use it once a week on the whole body with circular movements and remove.

Massage cream with anti-cellulite extracts GOLDINE

Ideal to prevent stretch marks, fight cellulite, lose weight and firm up. Activates circulation thus relieving tired legs. Use it daily after the bath with circular movements.

GOLDINE Body Firming Gel

Ideal for moisturizing, toning the skin and combating cellulite, It generates a tensor and decongestant effect thanks to seaweed, it also improves skin elasticity due to its collagen and elastin content. Use it every day in the area you want to reaffirm.


The complete solution to reduce, shape and tone accompanied by the best natural extracts.


Thermal reducing gel and natural body molding that stimulates the elimination of toxins, ideal para realizar actividad física, no requiere masajes.

Goldine Firming Gel

Cold gel that tones the body, improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin, ideal to accompany with cold bandages or body girdle.

Girdle in Neoprene Material GOLDINE

Molds and reduces thanks to its elasto-compressor effect, ideal to accompany our products every day.


Always carry it with your products and personal items, practica y fácil de transportar.

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